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Webinar to Share Tips on How to Reduce Energy Consumption When Printing

March, 25, 2014

Upcoming Webinar Aims to Share Tips to Save Energy When Printing

Australia’s Printing Industries Association plans to conduct an online-based seminar, which primarily aims to share tips on how to be energy-efficient when using printers. Eventually, this will help the public save thousands in their expenses for utilities.

What to Expect and Learn

 Mojarra’s managing director, Chris Hay, will do a 30-minute presentation discussing practical tips and useful information. Some of the topics that will be covered include the following:

  • Renewability and Energy Management – This includes tips for maximising energy and utilities in a way that it could power up many appliances without too much expenses.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Control Systems – Tips for tinkering the control systems of appliances may be included in this topic. This is most useful for companies and homeowners with more than one electronic device (e.g. computers, printers) in constant use.
  • On-Site Energy Regeneration – This includes energy conservation topics, such as knowing how to reduce wastage of utilities and lowering energy requirements.

Hay will discuss these points based on the findings of case studies done in leading printing companies in Australia, including Sydney’s Bright Print Group. “I will be sharing this information as well as detailing what works, what doesn’t work, the kind of money printing companies can expect to save, costs involved and the type of paybacks that can be expected,” Hay says.

The public can really expect useful information from the online lecture, knowing that it’s made by Mojarra. The company is Australia’s leading developer and advocate of energy efficiency projects.

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