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Dell Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges Australia

Here at, we understand the office equipment and supply needs of the consumers. We have always dedicated our energies to bring forth the best products in the market as soon as they are made available by the manufacturers. When you talk about any business, cost efficiency of the equipment to be used and their time consumption to carry out a specific task is the most important thing to be considered. Here at 123InkJets, we not only offer original brand products by famous manufacturers but we also provide our customers with compatible alternatives, that are not only as much effective and less time consuming like their original counterparts, when it comes to carrying out a certain job but are a lot cheaper too as compared to the original products. We understand how important it is to maintain the quality of print outs as they make an impression when in a client’s hand. We, at 123InkJets, also know how important it is for most businesses out there to save money from all little expenditures they make so they can reinvest those savings in the company or to facilitate their employees.  

Dell Printer Supplies
Founded in 1984, Dell is one of the world’s best manufacturer of computers, laptops and other related technology. Although widely famous for high quality computers and laptops, Dell also manufactures a variety of printers as well. If you own a Dell printer, it is more likely that you would consider purchasing various related accessories like cartridges and drums, manufactured by Dell as well. 123InkJets offers a variety of Dell toner cartridges and Dell Compatible toner cartridges to let you choose the product of your choice with respect to your budget. Following are the types of cartridges we offer for usage with dell printers.

  • Dell Compatible Toner Cartridge
  • Dell Remanufactured Toner Cartridge
  • Dell Remanufactured Ink Cartridge

In general, all printers are product specific when it comes to cartridges. In other words, the compatibility of different types of cartridges may vary with respect to a specific printer, for example, a toner cartridge can only be used with a laser printer and an ink cartridge can only be used with an Inkjet printer. You also have to keep certain factors in mind while purchasing cartridges for your printer. These various factors include cost, the number of prints obtained per cartridge and the quality of prints that the cartridge offers. 123InkJets ensures that all the Australian Dell toners that we offer are the most efficient ones in terms of cost, quality, and productivity.

Types of Cartridges for Dell Printers that we offer
Below are the three major types of cartridges that we offer at

1- Dell Compatible Toner Cartridges
Toner cartridges, as mentioned above are specifically used for Laser printer. These cartridges contain fine powder inside them. When the drum of the laser printer is fed with the specific printing information, the fine powder from the toner cartridges is attracted on the surface of the drum. The drum then further translates the pattern on the paper producing a precise and high quality print. Laser printers can produce a greater number of high quality prints in a specific time as compared to an inkjet printer. Because of the laser technology used in these printers to attract the powdered toner on the drum and then further translating it on the page ensures a far superior print quality than an inkjet printer. These printers are mostly used in big organizations and businesses because of their need for a higher printing rate and quality. 123InkJets offers these high quality Dell compatible toners to meet their needs. These toner cartridges are not an authentic Dell product but they are way more effective, to say the least. These cartridges provide high-end results in the least time period possible at a very low price.

2- Dell Remanufactured Toner Cartridges
Do you want to save the environment? Want high quality printouts from your Dell printer? Want to save a lot of money on cartridges? Dell toner cartridge offered by 123InkJets is the answer. These are called remanufactured toner cartridges because they are refilled with the toner material and in some cases are recycled to bring them back as a high quality product in the market. By buying these toner cartridges you not only get to have bright, precise, sharp and high quality prints with a great texture, you get to save a lot of money per print while you save the environment as well. 123InkJets offers a variety of Dell remanufactured toner cartridges in different colors and models to best suit your needs.

3- Dell Remanufactured Ink Cartridge
Like discussed above, Ink cartridges are specifically used for Inkjet printers. Ink cartridges contain liquid ink which is sprayed on the paper to be printed by numerous nozzles present in the inkjet printers in the form of tiny droplets. These tiny droplets result in a pattern fed by the computer to produce the desired print. Inkjet printers are usually inexpensive and are mostly used in homes and smaller business setups with lower printing needs. A variety of Dell remanufactured ink cartridges offered by 123InkJets provide the same higher cost effectiveness and environmental benefits like Dell remanufactured toner cartridges. The various types of remanufactured ink cartridges that we supply let you choose the product that best meets your needs.

We take pride in being one of the best suppliers of Dell toners, office utilities and other related products in Australia. We not only deliver the best quality products throughout Australia, we also offer free shipping on all orders that exceed $90. We, at 123InkJets, are passionate about providing the best customer services, supplying products at the most reasonable prices, and offering various promotional deals and discount offers to further lower the cost of products that we offer. We also ensure that all of the transactions that our customers make are done by secure payment mediums like MasterCard, Visa, Australian Post, Direct Deposit, and SecurePay.