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Earn Inkjets Points

Earn "Inkjet Points" for every dollar you spent on printer cartridges, ink refills and toner cartridge supplies!

Use your inkjet points and redeem FREE SHOPPING GIFT CARD!

If you're shopping for printer cartridge ink, why not buy from us? We let you earn inkjet points for every dollar you spent with us.

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How Do I Earn Inkjet Points?

  1. By making a purchase from our online store.
  2. Whenever you make a purchase from our secure website, your account will be funded with "Inkjet Points" according to the item(s) you purchased. This process usually happens within 24 hours after your order has been shipped out. You MUST be a registered customer for you to earn points. Register Now 

  3. By entering the Monthly Hot Quiz.
  4. This is a fun way to test your intelligence and earn inkjet points. Challenge our Monthly Hot Quiz today! Winners will win 500 points into their account. There are 3 winners every month!

  5. Refer A Friend.
  6. Earn 200 points just for telling other people. See how.

What Can I Do With The Inkjet Points?

This is the exciting part of this program....are you ready? GOOD! The inkjet points you earned can be use as cash to spent on our online store or you can use your points to redeem FREE Petrol Voucher and FREE Movie Tickets.

That's Right!

Not only do we offer the lowest prices on printer ink, saving you from ongoing printing cost. We're now giving you something back for saying "Thank you for choosing us!"

"If Petrol Voucher won't do you any good....redeem shopping gift card instead or simply convert your points into gift-certificates (coupons) and spent it on our store."

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How Many Inkjet Points Can I Earn?

You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spent on our website. The points will be calculated to the nearest dollar.

You Buy....

  1. An item that's worth $ will earn 49 points !
  2. An Item that's worth $ will earn 36 points !
  3. An item that's worth $ will earn 59 points !

How Do I Buy Gift-Certificates With Points?

Simply login to your account, click on "My Basket" and click on "Apply Points".

100 Inkjet Points = $1.

This means if you convert 500 Inkjet Points, you will receive a Gift-Certificate valued at $5.00 which you may use during the checkout process.